After 23 years, the world’s most travelled man is going home

Think you have been to a lot of places? Think again. Meet Michael Spencer Bown, the 44-year-old professional backpacker. He’s been to every country in the world in the last two decades – but now he’s hanging up his walking boots.

We’ve been fascinated by Mike ever since he wrote a list of his 80 best travel experiences on Backpackology in 2012. Any list that includes ‘55. Evading police by motorboat on the Niger River Delta’. and ’45. “Captaining” a rusty sand ship in the vanishing Ural Sea, Uzbekistan’ is bound to throw up some great adventure ideas. Heck, if you’ve managed to make double figures in the number of his highlights that you’ve done yourself, you’ll rank as well-travelled individual yourself.

We’re getting a chance to catch up on Mike’s total now, though, as he’s headed back home to Calgary, Canada. He’s made virtue of the fact that he doesn’t pass through a country but spends time getting to know it, and given his adventure list, that’s easy to believe. He wasn’t the first tourist in post-war Somalia for nothing. You can read more about Bown’s homecoming in the Calgary Sun.

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