Angkor temple Preah Vihear officially Cambodian

The ancient Khmer temple of Preah Vihear has been officially ruled as a part of Cambodia, according to the latest judgement from the International Court of Justice.

The Angkorian temple, which is sited on a disputed border between Cambidoa and Thailand, has been the subject of a fierce battle between the two countries since the court originally ruled the temple as Cambodian back in 1962.

The original judgement had ruled the temple itself as part of Cambodia, but did not mention the land surrounding it. Now the ICJ has ruled that the land, which is approximately a square k

However a series of minor border clashes between the Thai military and Cambodian forces in recent years has made the temple  the temple a risk for tourists, with the Foreign Office advising against travel to the site.

In 2008 and 2009 clashes near the complex damaged stones at the temple, while troops on both sides died during clashes in 2011 while a Thai delegation was visiting Cambodia to negotiate over the dispute.

Set atop a 500-metre outcrop, the temple is considered one of the most impressive sites in the whole of mainland South East Asia, rivalled only by the centre of the Khmer empire, Angkor Wat.

A temple has sat on the site since the 9th century, and was dedicated to Hindu god Shiva in his manifestations as the mountain gods Sikharesvara and Bhadresvara.

Adventurous tourists could choose to try what was dubbed ‘the death road’ through dense tropical jungle to reach the temple from Siam Reap or as a day trip from Thailand.


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