Exploring Argentina – Buenos Aires to Salta City

So having spent a week with the wonderfully hospitable Kit and Ar in their lovely new (and soon to be amazing!) flat in Buenos Aires - I've now donned a hastily purchased rucksack and set off for the Andes. Before I left we had a final night meal at the wonderful Lo De Charly  - which can only be described as a 24hr meat paradise. If the water starved people of the desert dream … [Read more...]

Placecrush: Stay in a spherical treehouse on Vancouver Island

Free Spirit Sphere

It’s safe to say we’re suckers for unusual spots to stay (just check out these places in the UK and Europe), but here’s one a little further afield: spherical treehouses on Vancouver Island. Climb the 14-odd feet of steps, enter the cunningly engineered curved door, and climb into one of the Free Spirit Spheres, which hang on webs of ropes that keep the four vessels off the … [Read more...]

The 2014 hot list: which destination has the most buzz?

Persepolis, Iran

Need a little holiday inspiration for the new year? We’ve scoured the weekend supplements to see what the top tips are for 2014. From brave new frontiers to hot beach destinations, there’s a good spread of new horizons to tackle. Not enough recommendations below? Then check out the Manchester Evening News’s list of the best places to take a selfie in 2014, which is either … [Read more...]

Placecrush: See where Noah’s Ark set sail

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is A 5km high-mountain located in eastern Turkey. It is supposedly the place where Noah’s Ark set sail. But although the mountain may be in Turkey, the best place to see it is just over the border in Armenia. Heck, the Armenians like it so much it’s on their flag. (Lenin gave the mountain away to Turkey as a gesture of goodwill, as one does.) Welcome to the Khor … [Read more...]

Placecrush: Stay in a Nazi holiday camp

Prora hostel

Want to get away to the beach, but also want to take in some history and architecture at the same time? Here’s an unexpected solution: Prora, on Rügen Island in Germany - a massive holiday camp built by the Nazis. It never saw use as a holiday camp, but it has now been reborn as a massive hostel. (Not the whole thing, mind; it’s three miles long and six stories … [Read more...]

Placecrush: Walk the picturesque Boudicca Way in Norfolk

St Mary Magdalenes church Pulham Market Norfolk

Getting a boat to explore the Norfolk broads is a well-documented pasttime - but have you ever thought about exploring the county on foot? The Boudicca Way takes up 36 miles through south Norfolk, the ideal size for two or three days’ walking as a quick city break. The picture above is from the picture-postcard village of Pulham Market. The route takes in others like … [Read more...]

Placecrush: Get lost in the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Forest


We’ve had our curiosity piqued about the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Forests - near the German border, and known locally as Šumava - ever since seeing these astounding photos of the mist-covered landscape on Colossal last week. They’re part of the largest wooded area in Europe, with ancient forests and clear lakes as far as they eye can see (head for the hidden Black Lake for … [Read more...]

Man has 2kg testicles siezed at New Zealand airport

A cockerel

A man has had a cargo of cockerel testicles seized and destroyed by customs officers at Auckland airport. The man, who was attempting to bring in around 2kg of testicles from Vietnam, had placed the items in a chilled bin along with fish and other food for his family. Used as a food by many and known as 'chicken beans' in the US, the cockerel testicles apparently have a … [Read more...]