Exploring Argentina – Buenos Aires to Salta City

So having spent a week with the wonderfully hospitable Kit and Ar in their lovely new (and soon to be amazing!) flat in Buenos Aires - I've now donned a hastily purchased rucksack and set off for the Andes. Before I left we had a final night meal at the wonderful Lo De Charly  - which can only be described as a 24hr meat paradise. If the water starved people of the desert dream … [Read more...]

The 2014 hot list: which destination has the most buzz?

Persepolis, Iran

Need a little holiday inspiration for the new year? We’ve scoured the weekend supplements to see what the top tips are for 2014. From brave new frontiers to hot beach destinations, there’s a good spread of new horizons to tackle. Not enough recommendations below? Then check out the Manchester Evening News’s list of the best places to take a selfie in 2014, which is either … [Read more...]

Placecrush: Dodge the storms in Catatumbo, Venezuela


Atmospheric phenomenons don’t sound dramatic, so we’re tempted to rename Catatumbo’s lightning as a screensaver phenomenon. They happen over Lake Maracaibo, near Venezuela’s border with Colombia, at alarming regularity: almost 200 days of the year, 10 hours a day, and up to 280 times an hour. The pink, white, blue and purple colours are, incredibly, silent - the lightning is … [Read more...]