The list of things left behind at Travelodges in 2013 (in reverse order of ridiculousness)


Travelodge have released their list of items left behind - including thousands of pounds worth of dresses, pets and a collection of London landmarks made from towels. We’ve compiled the most interesting items from the list of abandoned possessions at the chain’s 500-strong empire in 2013. And incredibly, we start with the least ridiculous item on the list with... A … [Read more...]

Man has 2kg testicles siezed at New Zealand airport

A cockerel

A man has had a cargo of cockerel testicles seized and destroyed by customs officers at Auckland airport. The man, who was attempting to bring in around 2kg of testicles from Vietnam, had placed the items in a chilled bin along with fish and other food for his family. Used as a food by many and known as 'chicken beans' in the US, the cockerel testicles apparently have a … [Read more...]