Campaign to save Airbnb in New York hits 200,000 supporters


A campaign to support Airbnb to continue operating in New York City has now attracted over 200,000 supporters. It has now set a target of 250,000 supporters on its petition to the New York Senate. The campaign was started by a New York host on the sharing economy support site Peers, and was later emailed around Airbnb's membership by the site's management. However, the … [Read more...]

Google Street View arrives in Venice

Venice Canal by Michael Bauer

Google has managed to add Venice to it's Street View service, despite the city having no real roads. The photo-mapping service which has seen cars roam city streets across the globe has managed to wind its way though the plethora of cobbled alleys and winding canals to picture the city thanks to a team of Google employees who walked the streets with a camera on their … [Read more...]

Whistler Blackcomb opens twelve days early

Skiers at Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

The cold snap may only be arriving in the UK this week but in Whistler the slopes are already open for the winter season. The Canadian resort opened five lifts earlier this week, with the mountain opening a full twelve days earlier than usual due to an impressively cold temperatures. Set close to Vancouver on Canada’s West Coast, Whistler was the setting for the 2010 … [Read more...]

Angkor temple Preah Vihear officially Cambodian

Preah Vihear Temple

The ancient Khmer temple of Preah Vihear has been officially ruled as a part of Cambodia, according to the latest judgement from the International Court of Justice. The Angkorian temple, which is sited on a disputed border between Cambidoa and Thailand, has been the subject of a fierce battle between the two countries since the court originally ruled the temple as Cambodian … [Read more...]

Is this Italian theme park the world’s most extravagant ad for a restaurant?

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.53.35

Restaurants have to work hard to draw in custom - and none work harder than Bruno, who has had a family restaurant outside Treviso in northern Italy for the last forty years. So what did Bruno do - stand out the front of the restaurant with some samples? Handing out flyers? Or spending his adult life welding together a full-sized theme park to try and entice customers … [Read more...]

The best travel writing anthology is back in time for Christmas


A free sample tour in New York, a brutally honest hike up a mountain in Papua New Guinea and a hunt for Bosnian snowboarders are all present and correct in this year's instalment of The Best American Travel Writing. If you're bored of purple prose and dubious holiday recommendations, then this annual tome is the perfect antidote - and it's just gone on sale (in the US, at … [Read more...]

After 23 years, the world’s most travelled man is going home

Gone Roaming

Think you have been to a lot of places? Think again. Meet Michael Spencer Bown, the 44-year-old professional backpacker. He’s been to every country in the world in the last two decades - but now he’s hanging up his walking boots. We’ve been fascinated by Mike ever since he wrote a list of his 80 best travel experiences on Backpackology in 2012. Any list that includes ‘55. … [Read more...]