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Luxury hostel guide

There have been enough trend pieces on high-end hostels that go beyond the itchy sheets and mouldy bathrooms of yore – but where exactly are they?

That’s the question asked by Kash Bhattacharya, who decided to answer it with a 186-page ebook – that you can download for free.

He’s documented dozens of hostels around Europe with strong design principles, services like swimming pools and rooftop terraces, and even massages.

Coverage includes the Generator and Plus Hostel mini-chains, while British hostels include sites in London, Edinburgh and Snowdonia.

Writing on the Budget Traveller website, he says that as a 33-year-old he knew there were lots of people who had hostelled when they were younger – but who needed winning back to thinking hostels were cool again.

Cannily, he’s got the backing of Interrail, Easyjet and Busabout to get between them too.

It’s a bright, simple read that picks out the highlights in a well-designed way. You can download the ebook by signing up to the Budget Traveller’s newsletter – the panel is on the right of this page.

He’s also got a #luxuryhostels tag going on Instagram, if you are that way inclined.

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