Edinburgh’s best…coffee shops

The best place for a coffee and a sitdown – as recommended by comedians…

Artisan Roast

We asked over 170 comedians and people from the comedy industry what their favourite places were in Edinburgh, and got back so many fantastic responses that we turned it into a book. The following are select extracts, but you can pick up the book on Amazon, download the ebook or find out more about the title and who’s in it.


Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast, 57 Broughton St, EH1 3RJ. 07526 236615, artisanroast.co.uk. Mon-Thu 8am-7.30pm, Fri 8am-6.30pm, Sat 9am-6.30pm, Sun 10am-6.30pm.

A warm and cuddly POWERFUL coffee grinder and maker, this lovely little shop on Broughton Street has a library in the back, overlooking a garden. It’s woodsy and calm, whilst the teaming tirade that is the Edinburgh Fringe rushes by outside. The java comes in many different tastes, from light to a darker, richer roast. the shop offers hot chocolate and tea I think, but who cares about tea? Scott Capurro


The Treehouse

The Treehouse, 44 Leven St, EH3 9LJ. 0131 656 0513, facebook.com/treehouse. edinburgh. Mon-Sat 8am-5pm, Sun 9am-5pm.

As a whinging Australian, I wouldn’t be perpetuating my stereotype if I wasn’t complaining about food and the quality of UK coffee. So what a delight it was to shut me up when I was told about The Treehouse. What a lovely little cafe this is. Excellent coffee. Great food. Right near the Meadows. And they serve breakfast late, which is an imperative during the Fringe, as it rarely happens before midday. Felicity Ward


Kilimanjaro Coffee

Kilimanjaro Coffee, 104 Nicolson St, EH8 9EJ. 0131 662 0135. Mon-Fri 7.30am-8pm, Sat & Sun 8am-8pm.

In NY there are corner bodegas to get coffee at where you walk out of your flat first thing in the morning, grab a coffee and a paper. In Los Angeles, there are trendy coffee shops that are full of people who think they are important because they wake up with attitudes, reading magazines about tall thin people and drinking capuccinos that are half-decaffeinated, wearing knit caps. In Edinburgh I get my co!ee at Kilimanjaro Coffee. Café Americano. It’s simple man; accept the simplicity, class and style of what I call my neighborhood in Scotland. Most mornings you can find me there. Rick Shapiro


Wellington Coffee

Wellington Coffee, 33A George St, EH2 2HN. 0131 225 6854. Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 9am-6pm.

They send their baristas on coffee tasting/learning courses—I know, because I was living with one during the 2010 Fringe. Their scones are divine. It’s not a place you can necessarily get a table; it’s really tiny, but if you can hover by the bar, damn, they genuinely serve the best coffee in Edinburgh. Diane Spencer

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