Five amazing European places to stay on Canopy and Stars

We’ve already rounded up five of the best UK places to stay at treehouse/yurt/tent AirBnB-alike Canopy and Stars, but they also have loads of sites across Portugal, Spain and France. We’ve picked out five of the most interesting ones we’ve not been to – but hope to get to soon…

Enter a castle treehouse near Bergerac

Milandes treehouse Not one but three different treehouses that look ready to withstand a zombie siege are on offer at the site of a moat of an old French chateau. Just because it looks fortified to the point of having iron doors doesn’t mean there aren’t creature comforts to boot – there’s even a hot tub on each floor.
From £198 a night for two – Monbazillac, Hautefort, Milandes (pictured)


Set up shop in a Portuguese yurt

chestnut yurt
We’ve already stayed in the excellent Trappers Tent (more on which soon) and there looks to be a lot in common with this fellow Portuguese project: the rustic feel of a yurt is decked out with carpets, iron beds and hammocks to provide the perfect – and cheap – base from which to explore to the surrounding valleys.
From £65 a night for two (can take extra two in a bell tent)


Take off for a French earthship

As if we could resist somewhere that refers to itself as an earthship… The structure is the ultimate in eco design, with half the building set underground and massive windows built into it to make sure it’s warm, even in the depths of winter. There’s a beautiful surrounding garden, and if you fill the cabin of six, this is one heck of a bargain.
From £100 a night for six


Explore the forests outside Bordeaux

Capn CabaneIf lots of you fancy taking over a spot of the south of France, you could do worse than renting out all the treehouses at Cap’Cabane. Climb up the stairs into the raised treehouses and you’re among the trees; come back down to ground level for the natural pool and sights of the forest.
From £109 a night for four


Climbing the trees in Normandy

Perche Treehouse
What is it about Europeans and treehouses? Here’s one more in Normandy that’s built into the trees – heck, one room has to be shared with a tree. A well-stocked kitchen and wifi mean this is one treetop visit that won’t require slumming it.
From £130 a night for two – extra guests can be accommodated

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