Five amazing UK places to stay on Canopy & Stars

AirBnB is great as a catch-all way to find somewhere cheap to stay when you’re away, but what if you want to find somewhere in the country that’s that little bit more special?

That’s where Canopy & Stars comes in, the woefully undersung database of great cabins, yurts, treehouses and more for places around the UK and Europe.

Don’t believe us? Here are five of the most original locations around the UK to whet your appetite…

(And don’t miss our list of the highlights in Europe too…)


Sleep in a converted firetruck in the Highlands


Take one Kent-based 1956 firetruck. Haul it to the Highlands. Raise the roof, lay in an oak parquet floor, a hearth and a Victorian double bed. Bingo! You’ve got yourself a Beermoth, the weirdest and most wonderful way to stay in Aviemore…

From £60 a night, sleeps two


Climb the treehouse in Somerset


Okay, this isn’t the cheapest place on our list – but when you get to stay in a treehouse, acting out all your childhood Ewok fantasies by day and soaking in the classy copper bathtub by night, you know you’ve found somewhere special.

From £250 a night, sleeps two


Crazily cheap country living in Shropshire


The prices on many country boltholes are high enough to make you weep, but the Dipping Shed works out at barely £20 per head a night. There’s not been any skimping on the interiors: it’s got clean lines with cosy clutter, a huge fireplace and a gorgeous country kitchen, plus double beds spread over the two floors.

From £82 a night, sleeps four


Get to know the Essex countryside – on a raft


Dig past the TOWIE reputation and Essex has some surprisingly secluded countryside that can be easily reached from London. The watery lands around Maldon (as in, where the sea salt comes from) plays home to this raft house, built using wood hand-sawn from the farm it sits it. Row the boat out to your new home, from where you can row and swim, or even use the telescope at night to see the stars.

From £270 a night, sleeps four


Sleep in tent orbs up in Cornish trees


If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Bodmin and want to get away from claws of the beast, here’s a tip: take refuge up in the trees. Inspired by early zeppelin engineering, these camping spheres provide a unique starting point to explore the forest below – as well as providing a beautiful spot from which to wake up from in the morning.

From £95 a night, sleeps two


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