Placecrush: Get into the orbit of Poland’s Torun, Copernicus’s birthplace


There are vast tracts of central Europe where the only city architecture you see is post-war. Torun is one of the few cities in Poland where you can see medieval architecture so good it is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Old Town that bears the UNESCO status was a trading town, giving a remarkable town hall to the area. There’s also the ruins of a 13th-century castle nearby. Torun is all about the gothic architecture, street cafes and atmosphere: while there are some sights (the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum, galleries in the town hall), it’s not much of interest – or comprehension – to English speakers.

What you can get involved with, though, is activities at the gingerbread museum – including making your own treats to take back. The bad news if you’re coming from the UK is its not the most accessible of cities: the nearest airport is Bydgoszcz, 60km away. But on the upside, flights can be had for around £60 return at decent times of the day.

There is more information on the Torun website.

Photo by Rubber Dragon

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