Placecrush: Get lost in the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Forest


We’ve had our curiosity piqued about the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Forests – near the German border, and known locally as Šumava – ever since seeing these astounding photos of the mist-covered landscape on Colossal last week.

They’re part of the largest wooded area in Europe, with ancient forests and clear lakes as far as they eye can see (head for the hidden Black Lake for the best lake secret). It’s impeccably maintained, having won UNESCO Biosphere reserve status. The woods are unexpectedly full of attractions, from castles to fairytale cottages, and a treetop walk to a mountain synagogue. And there’s winter sports on offer in the winter to make the most of the glacial effects.

Find out more on the Šumava website.

Photo by Honza Soukup

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