Placecrush: Head underground in Sarajevo

Sarajevo tunnel

To an outsider, the troubles in the Balkans are rapidly approaching that 20-year mark that makes serious historical events feel like they’re vanishing in the rear view window of history. Give yourself a reminder of what happened by visiting the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum, constructed in a house over the top of the tunnel.

During the siege of Sarajevo in 1993, Bosnians who held the city against Serbian forces built a tunnel to get food, humanitarian and arms into the city, and to get people out. It was never a safe option: flooding and air quality were often low, helping to explain why you can only access 20 metres of the tunnel today.

Still, if you want to see a good symbol of resistance and remind yourself of what happened, it’s an essential part of a visit to the Bosnian capital. There’s more information on the Visit Sarajevo website.

Photo by Martijn Munneke

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