Placecrush: Hike through Japan’s Kiso valley

KisojiWalking holidays and Japan aren’t the most obvious of bedfellows, until you consider Kiso Valley. A 70km trade route, the Kisoji, ran the valley on the western side of the Japanese Alps – part of a longer 500km route developed in 1600, if you have particularly itchy feet.

You won’t be the first to walk the route: shogun rules mean that there are post towns all along the route for walkers in the past to stop off on. Several have been maintained for visitors, complete with traditional buildings, in Tsumago, Narai (with its 300-year-old cypress tree bridge) and Magome.

The distances between routes is super-manageable, making it much easier to pick and choose how long you want to explore the countryside and the sites for. Get more information on the Kisoji site.

Photo by Sberlazza



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