The best travel writing anthology is back in time for Christmas

Best American Travel Writing 2013 A free sample tour in New York, a brutally honest hike up a mountain in Papua New Guinea and a hunt for Bosnian snowboarders are all present and correct in this year’s instalment of The Best American Travel Writing.

If you’re bored of purple prose and dubious holiday recommendations, then this annual tome is the perfect antidote – and it’s just gone on sale (in the US, at least).

As well as tales from the road, there are more serious looks at topics from child labour in Peru to reflections on the French health system.

The series has run since 2000, selecting around 25 of the best travel pieces from American travel magazines.

Each guide has a guest editor – previously that has included Paul Theroux, Anthony Bourdain and Pico Iyer, although several eyebrows have already been raised at Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert being put in charge this year.

Hunt down a copy via Amazon UK.

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